The Palace Indian Restaurant spoiled my son's first birthday.

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I had an unfortunate opportunity to have an experience at The Palace Indian Restaurant.It was my son's first birthday and I had booked The Palace Indian restaurant two weeks in advance.I personally met the owner lady

of the restaurant and completed all the formalities from my side.She got my credit card info and confirmed everything.I was asked to just call two days in advance just to confirm the number of guests.As per the owner everything was confirmed.

I called the restaurant three days in advance and confirmed the number of guests who will be coming by talking with her son since she was out of town and her son again confirmed everything. On the day of party I

went there one hour early to do the decoration and to my surprise there was someone else also decorating the same hall which I had booked.When I told the gentle man that today is my party in this hall and he was equally shocked like me and said that he had aslo booked the same hall for his party.That gentleman started to yell(which is very obvious) when the owner lady came and told him that yours party is not here and sent him to a corner place.

Actually that hall is for one party only but that crooked lady tried to act smart and booked one hall for two parties for the same time.When everything got messed up then she came to me and started telling me your

party is not here,your booking was not confirmed.

I explained to her that I had been calling you since last three days and got confirmation from your son.When she called her son and asked him about my calls he refused attending any calls from my side.

How is it possible for any one to invite all your friends for a party without confirming the venue???????? These people are so unprofessional and that quarrelsome owner lady does not want to listen anyone.I think I was too nice or naive to give her my credit card details and confirm the whole thing verbally.But as a professional event organizer it was her duty to provide me with a confirmation email or letter.

My guests started to come between all this drama and I had no idea what to do at last moment.

This unprofessional and uneducated owner lady did not apologize once.I had to explain the whole chaos to my guests which was so embarassing.

Af ter this horrible incident I heard that The Palace Indian restaurant has been doing this for long time.Whenever they get booking for a big party they cancel the small party without informing. I had no option since my guests were there so I had to adjust in that corner which I was provided .........Even after spending money and preplanning the event i was getting that corner of the hall that was (1/4

of the hall used as extension) due to these people's messy,chaotic party organization.They made both their customers fool by booking same party hall twice which can accomodate only one party.

They completely spoiled our event and my motive of writing this review is to aware everybody that what kind of standard The Palace restaurant holds.You can read hundreds of stories about them on the internet from

several unhappy customers.

Anyone can imagine how important and exciting your child's first birthday could be and U would do every effort to make it a memorable experience for the rest of your life. The Palace owner made it a terrible,bitter


The Palace Indian restaurant is a shame on India's name.

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Who the hel! Has their child's first birthday at a place like this?! Lol what a dumb@ss.

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